How to Wipe Free Space on Mac?

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As a computer user you must have realized the need to cleanup your volume data or other sensitive data from your system permanently. Because, security of sensitive data is high priority for anyone. If your need is the same then you have come at right place, here you will find a perfect tool by the name privacy cleaner which is specially designed for cleaning private and secret data from your system permanently. This tool can wipe free space on Mac volume and other sensitive information.

Let’s take some scenario where you need to wipe data from Mac and other devices:

• Generally wiping of hard disk is required to completely removing file from disk by severally overwriting it.

• If you want to delete your browser history then you can utilize this tool for permanently deleting your browser history from your system

• To delete download history from your system you can utilize this tool. Suppose you have downloaded some data from internet to your system and you want to delete this download record from your system then this is best place to make use of wipe free space.

• To remove cookies, caches, temporary files and recent items, clipboard and much useless but private information that is stored on your computer.

Some of the most exciting feature of Mac privacy cleaner which makes it unique and famous is as mentioned follows:

• One Click Solution: This tool has user friendly interface and can erase junk data, browsing history and cached data in just a click of mouse. It lists all data and you can select from those to which you want to delete.

• Clean Free Space: It has ability to clean free space on your mac easily and effectively. It first analyzes your entire system and deletes all data. It has got six International wiping patterns for enhanced security.

• It gives you an option called Clean Browse Junk and you can “Manage cookies” feature to filter desired cookies.

This Privacy cleaner has been developed specially for permanently deleting data from mac computer in just a few simple steps of user friendly interface of this software wizard. To know more about wiping visit:

Download Free Drive Wipe Tool

Steps to Wipe Free Space on Mac

Step 1: Download and install Free edition of Privacy cleaner tool on Mac. Then, select "One Click Clean" option to clean free space on Macintosh line of computers as depicted in Figure 1.

Wipe Free Space on Mac - Select One Click Clean

Figure 1: Select One Click Clean

Step 2: The software displays the list of data which is to be cleaned and as soon as you hit on "Clean" button it starts wiping the free space on the selected drive as shown in Figure 2.

Wipe Free Space on Mac - Click on Clean Button

Figure 2: Click on Clean Button

Step 3: Finally, the software completes cleaning of free space and other junk data on your Mac machine as in Figure 3.

Wipe Free Space on Mac - Cleaning Done

Figure 3: Cleaning Done

Download Free Drive Wipe Tool