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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Security of sensitive data is the main concern for everyone. Complete erasure of your confidential files from hard drive or from other storage device is very necessary now days due to threat of misuse of sensitive data. Only deleting files or formatting data storage drives is not enough to wipe important data.

When you delete any file on Windows 7 operating system. They are not actually deleted; the space they took up is simply marked as "available for use," which allows the files to be recoverable with recovery software until they're overwritten with new data.

Windows 7 OS provides free built-in application called cipher.exe for wiping the data. This application overwrites the free space on a drive with a random 0’s and 1’s. But files leave physical imprints or shadows on your drive and any skilled computer hackers can access your confidential data with the help of some data recovery software even it has been properly overwritten with cipher.exe tool. Because, cipher.exe does not affect the data in alternate data stream of file slack. If you want to make sure that your private information is gone forever, then there is Wipe Drive software. Since the drive wipe software completely erases all personal information, programs, virus from any data storage device on Windows 7, it is impossible to recover data even with sophisticated tools. One can rely on this software to wipe Windows 7 hard drive data and rest assured as it erases data beyond recovery.

What are the shredding patterns for Windows 7?

  • Fast Zero Overwrite - Overwrites the target area with the fixed value (0x00) on every other sector
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL - Overwrites the target area with random values (1 to 9), user can select the no. of passes
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) - Overwrites the target area, first by writing a fixed value (0×00) once, then its compliment value (0xff) once and finally random values once.

These shredding patterns are approved by various government and defense department across the world for cleaning out the sensitive data from hard drive or from any other data storage device. This software provides you with so many options to wipe hard disk on Windows 7 according to its necessity. This software overwrites old data with some garbage values so if anyone even able to recovers data but he won’t be able to understand it.

What are the features of Free Drive wipe software?

Drive wipe is one of the safest tool by this you can wipe drive Windows 7 data for 38 times with different set of data values. At this stage no one can retrieve data. With this tool you can wipe drive data completely without having any chance of recovery.Drive Wipe is a sophisticated drive-cleaning tool for Windows; it allows you to erase sensitive data from your hard drive beyond recovery. It encrypts data in such a manner that no one can even recover it by using advance data recovery software. It is having 9 sanitization patterns. This software wipe formated hard drive to know more click here, we can also use it for erasing data from external removable drives like memory card, USB drive, SD card, external hard drive etc. It is specially designed for Windows operating system, works efficiently on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Window Server 2003, and Window Server 2008.

It is very reliable tool; it will definitely wipe out your drive data completely from your hard drive. It also help to wipe drive from USB drive, to know go through this link http://www.freedrivewipe.com/usb-drive.html. This software overwrites the data by using some define shredding patterns. These data shredding patterns are authorized by the government to wipe data. First it unlinks the file location and then overwrites data several times with garbage values.

Download Free Drive Wipe Tool

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

What are the necessary steps to wipe drive Windows 7?

Step 1: Download and install Free Drive Wipe software for Windows 7, select the physical or logical drive from where you need to wipe and click on “Next” button to wipe Windows 7 hard drive.

Wipe Drive Windows 7 - Main Screen

Step 2: Choose anyone of the nine shredding methods and press “Next”. If you are using trial version of the software you will get access to only first three shredding methods. To get benefit of all of the above listed shredding methods you need to buy and activate the software.

Wipe Drive Windows 7 - Choose wiping method

Step 3: Finally, you can check wiping procedure of the tool.

Wipe Drive Windows 7 - wiping proceed

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008